Million Dollar Ideas

Today I will be analyzing two great ideas I had for products.

Idea #1:

Everything in a modern restroom is automated. The flushing is automatic, the water faucet is automatic, and the hand dryer is automatic. My church back home even has to place a sign in front of the manual flush urinals to alert the user that they are not automatic. Great isn’t it? Your hands don’t have to touch a single unsanitary thing in the dirty public restroom. That is, until you reach the door.

What are these handles doing here?

Yes, at the door all your careful methods to observe cleanliness are proved useless and you must make contact with the disgusting door handle touched by hundreds of filthy little hands throughout the day. Some people recommend using paper towel as a barrier between your hand and the door handle, and then tossing the paper towel into a nearby trash receptacle. But honestly, what if you aren’t Michael Jordan and your shot misses the basket? What if there is no paper towel and only hand driers?

The good news is that you don’t have to experience this frustration and have your face flushed red. That’s where my product comes in: Automatic restroom doors. They are the way of the future. Think about it. There are plenty of other areas where automatic doors are used, why not in a restroom?

Idea #2:

We’ve all experienced it before. Walking from outside into a room where the A/C is either broken or cranked way too high. How can we plan for both the temperatures outside inside? Sure, there’s the tried and true way of wearing a sweatshirt and then taking it off when not necessary, but what if you forget to bring a sweatshirt? What if you take it off and then accidentally leave it behind in the classroom? What if I asked you more rhetorical questions?

The answer to all of these questions (even the third one) is transitions clothing. You’ve heard of transitions lenses that change from glasses to sunglasses based on the intensity of the lighting. So why not apply the same concept to clothing?

She transforms into the chosen one.

Picture this, fabric with fibers that expand and contract based on the temperature of its environment. If it were warm in a particular area, the threads would expand and grow apart, hugging you less tightly, and allowing more cool air to reach you. For a cool environment, the threads would contract together and provide a more snug experience.

Why can’t I have transitions clothing?

You could even implement the heated leather concept found in luxury cars to warm the wearer or have tiny little fans inside to cool him or her. The possibilities are endless when you ignore practicality! SCIENCE!

So a little bit shorter of a post this week, but that doesn’t mean the ideas are running dry. Check back next week for even more magical commentary.

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  1. Adam said:

    As wonderful as these “transitions” clothings sound, to my knowledge the added pockets of air created by the expansion of the fabric would act as insulation. This sounds like a problem, but actually it makes it even better for cold weather (as long as you can solve the warm weather conundrum. Micro-fans, perhaps?)

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